Hac Te (Art, Science and Technology Hub)

Rooted in Catalonia and open to the world, the UOC is an innovative university at the forefront of research into the knowledge society and digital transformation. For years, the UOC has been committed to connecting academic fields and interdisciplinary experts to create synergies across the branches of teaching. These synergies have led to research groups that are active in the field of culture and creative industries at the intersections where these merge with disciplines linked to technology and innovation.
The UOC understands how vital it is to continue developing connections between these branches of knowledge. So, through its Executive Board, it has joined forces with leading Catalan institutions to create the Hac Te (Art, Science and Technology Hub) Association.
The aim of this cross-sector project is to explore and develop the intersections between art, science and technology in order to boost the digital transformation of society and make Barcelona a global hub for research, training, dissemination, knowledge transfer and production in this area.
The interdisciplinary spirit of Hac Te will draw from different UOC faculties, led by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities alongside the Faculty of Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunications and the Faculty of Information and Communication Sciences.

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What is Hac Te?

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