Mission, vision and team

Mission and team


Our Faculty’s mission is to provide online university education – in the form of undergraduate and postgraduate studies and lifelong learning – and to support the creation and dissemination of knowledge. This work is in fields linked to psychology, education and social action.




We aim to conduct teaching, research and innovation at the highest possible levels, with a belief in students’ capacity to transform their own realities. The overarching goal of all our efforts is quality education.

Our innovative teaching methodology makes intensive use of web-based teamwork and tools, and learning activities focus on the most recent advances in knowledge and on research conducted in our Faculty’s fields of specialization.

All courses run by our Faculty share a common goal: to train professionals anywhere in the world to achieve excellence working with people in pivotal life situations, encouraging a critical and responsible outlook in the face of a continually changing society.

Our research is conducted in the context of the knowledge society, and focuses primarily on social and organizational transformations, on education, and on health and quality of life.


Teresa Guasch Pascual

Dean of the Psychology and Education Department