Research services

The Knowledge Research and Innovation Area works to provide a response to the needs of the professionals taking part in the university’s R&I activity.

We support your R&I activity

  • Dissemination and knowledge transfer
  • Encouraging innovation
  • Project management
  • Outside collaboration
  • Sources of finance and proposals
  • Mobility of research staff
  • Structure of research activities
  • Tools and equipment
  • Expenditure
Support for R&I activity

Research Library

The Library provides services and resources to help streamline each stage of research. Likewise, when it comes to managing, coming up with strategies for, indexing and disseminating the UOC’s scientific and general-interest academic journals, the Library is there to lend a hand.

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Research grants

Ethics Committee

Ethics Committee

Get to know the UOC's Ethics Committe, its functions and aims and how to contact.