Our e-learning model has enabled over a hundred refugees to complete postgraduate specializations, study languages and take open courses, regardless of where they are from or where they are currently living.

The UOC's Refugee Welcome Programme has been providing support to people who are persecuted in their countries of origin because of their beliefs, culture, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity, as well as to those who have had to flee due to armed conflict or violence, since 2016.

Scholarships and mentoring for refugees, asylum seekers and stateless people

We aim to foster a culture of acceptance within our university community. This helps to diversify our classrooms and allows our students to learn new global and social skills, given the relationships they are able to form with their fellow classmates, who come from a range of places and backgrounds.

The Refugee Welcome Programme is funded by the UOC, in part from its charitable enrolment initiative, which asks students to make a voluntary donation while completing their enrolment.

We offer the following aid:

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