Organizational structure

The organizational structure is divided into four large blocks, which respond to the objectives and lines set by the Executive Board.

  • Faculty. This block ensures the quality and rigor of the teaching activity and the proper functioning of the University, taking care to ensure that programmes, syllabuses and contents are up to standard. It coordinates the learning process of students and promotes research and innovation.
  • Research. This block brings together the research into the interactions between ICTs and the different aspects of the economy, society and culture and offers support to faculty and researchers from both an academic and scientific perspective, and in terms of administration, monitoring and promotion.
  • Administration. This block ensures the application of the educational model, the quality of the services offered, and the proper functioning and administration of the University.
  • Office of the Rector. This block is responsible for governing the University, institutional and international relations, media relations and representing the University.

The UOC’s academic structure is organized into departments and its administration into areas, that ensure the proper day-to-day running of the University.

The academic structure of each department includes UOC faculty, who are responsible for academic direction of the programmes offered by the University and coordination of the network of collaborating teaching staff.

The teams in the administrative departments and the Office of the Rector are organized into areas and operating groups. The operating groups focus on specialist areas of activity. The areas bring together different operating groups and align them with the University’s objectives.